Thursday, December 14, 2006

Marine Parade Central Blk 84 Food Centre, Singapore

I used to come to this food centre almost every week when I was a kid and it sure created some good memories. Since I was in the vicinity, I decided to pop by for old time's sake.

Rising costs are pretty much unavoidable in life, I remembered when these guy's curry puffs used to cost only 0.40SGD each! Now, they're going for a dollar.

They still tasted just as good and the occasional chunk of chicken flesh was still present. True to his style, there still are no hard-boiled egg wedges in this.

Another joint which I loved as a kid, this place has been around for ages too. I always enjoyed hawker centre Western food because it's so localized in flavor and the gravies used that it's pretty much a genre by itself.

Although this spring chicken was pretty large, I didn't really like it how they actually cut it up abit to ensure it's cooked through. This created a chicken that was pretty dry. I can't exactly remember how much this was but I knew it was above the current market rate, like at 8-9SGD as well. So this wasn't so tip top in the end.

Although this stall sells a heapload of stuff, I've only ever ordered their Indian rojak. Indian rojak is abit like Chinese fried "lor bak" or "Wu Xiang aka Nor Hiang" and not really like the Malay rojaks consisting primarily of raw vegetables and crushed nuts. Anyway, I ordered an assortment of items to complement the spring chicken.

The ingredients are freshly fried after you've selected them and comes along with a spicy and slightly sweetish dipping sauce. Freshly fried crispy chunks of stuff is always welcomed.

All of this was finished off with a cup of ginger tea (teh halia) from another stall across the Indian rojak stall. Ginger tea is great if you're a ginger lover, especially if the ginger taste in it is strong like this one.



Anonymous said...

Its so nice to come back to the comfort of childhood flavours after a trip outstation:)

Anonymous said...

Hello D! Merry Christmas! :D Its quite too early but I'm going to Prague with friends for Christmas, so I thought I'll just drop a note first! :) May you always be joyful and make your (customers?) so happy! :D

god bless,

Anonymous said...

it's been such a long time i've had currypuffs! really miss it.

a few days ago when i was on the mrt to vivocity, there's this man who came in carrying a bag of currypuffs which smelt extremely mouthwatering! :p i must remember to get some later~ heh~

Anonymous said...

The best curry puff I've had in ages..unfortunately was bought by my colleague near her house in Bedok. I know nothing beyond that. But the filling was so moist! So..I'm sure either of us can make a decent moist filling filled curry puff, find a recipe dude!

D said...

justmita: Indeed!

girl: Currypuffs, a good one and a hot drink is what I crave on the rainy December days like these.

cindy: I'm quite sure of that but the thing about such recipes, you have to make them in bulk not to waste the effort and how many curry puffs can we actually eat in one sitting? Lots? =P

Anonymous said...

gosh, rereading this post, I realise you mean the curry puff form marine parade market and that's what I used to eat when I was young too. It's very near my old house and in fact, even in uni, some mornings I would crave this and drive down with my maid to buy it! It's not as good as it was when I was a kid but still good. In fact, the Bedok one I mentioned in my upper comment reminded me of this in the good old days.

Anonymous said...

I live at Marine Parade too and often eat at the hawker centre....correction, I grew up at the MP area too.

The food here is great, plus the flavours are familar so it always a pleasure to have them.

D said...

Trish: Yup, oldies are usually the goodies =)