Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Indonesian Cakes, Jakarta

Woke up the next morning to a view of Jakarta. By the way, the hazy bits aren't mist. It's pollution. Apparently, according to the WHO, Jakarta is the third most polluted city in the world.

Thanks to JA's parents for getting up early in the morning to buy some Indonesian cakes for our breakfast. There's such a huge assortment available here and everything tastes really good and fresh.

This two-toned, coconut pandan with brown sugar cake tasted excellent. The strong flavor of the fresh coconut cream used in this was quite evident indeed.

Another two-toned cake also using the brown sugar half but a half of coconut cream instead. I liked this a little more than the other one because the unsweetened coconut cream layer helped balanced out the flavors abit.

The stall that sells freshly made soy milk also fries their own beancurd. Savory hot beancurd with a crisp edge, this went very well with the manis (sweet) dipping sauce.

As we were driving out for our second breakfast (yes, the only way to eat enough on this trip was to create more meals haha), I managed to snap a picture of this little custard apple hanging off a little custard apple tree. Amazing how this plant can survive growing out of the gutter and still produce fruit. I could pretentiously go on about how this embellishes the steadfastness of the human spirit and all that jazz but all I was really thinking of when I saw this was, "Custard apple..... yum.... *drools*".



Anonymous said...

mmm i love dipping fried beancurd with sweet chilli sauce!

Sammy said...

Holy SH*T! That pancake looks GODSENT man! I'm drooling just looking at the peanuts/choc mixture.

Plus the indonesia cakes look damn good. Anything with coconut and pandan together belongs to my tummy!

zhengning said...

woah~ kuehs! :D i've always love nonya kuehs, especially those nonya nine-layered cake, kueh lapis and kueh bugis. haha.
ah, i want some of the coconut pandan cake(3rd pic)!

yeah, and the pancake looks interesting!

D said...

kahsean: That's really easy to make at home too. Need to get a good quality beancurd, try Emma's in Northbridge.

YD: I managed to get the recipe for martabak manis!!!!! I will post it up as soon as I try it =D

zhengning: I know, these cakes are so yummy. Best part is they use only FRESH coconut cream in Indo. No can or packet excuses here.