Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Singapore Franchises, Jakarta

Just some interesting Singaporean franchises that I chanced upon whilst I was in Jakarta. Indonesians make up a rather large fraction of our tourist population and as such it's not surprising that some of them have acquired a palate for some of our local fare.

Teck Kee Tanglin Pau, funny how I was almost tempted to buy something here although I've never ever bought anything from their Singapore branch.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast, at least it's heartening to some Singaporean expatriates that still they can get their coffee and egg jam with toast fixes in Jakarta.

Quite alot of franchises have come and gone over the years, apparently Boon Tong Kee was quite popular at some point but has pretty much fizzled out. I think the current rage now is Breadtalk. Starting a franchise is definitely a good way to make some cash but a lot has to be done on the research component to ensure that it'll not only be profitable but wouldn't just turn out to be another fad as well.


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Gracio said...

Hey D! I love Jakarta!! that's where my best friend is,and i would usually visit her twice a year! Have u been to sentul? beautiful place, think u would like it. :)

And yep, that Yakun in the mall looks very familiar and i think it's in kelapa gading mall ya? Oooh, now im missing Jkt so much! do try the bakmi @ Pluit. it's super duper good! and yes, i tried that beef soup thing too, hehe, i love the soup, very yummy!