Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Brazil Churrascaria, Sixth Ave, Singapore

There seem to be quite a few churrascaria joints in town right now but before all of them started popping up, Brazil Churrascaria at 14-16 Sixth Avenue has got to be first joint (please correct me if I'm wrong) to provide Singaporeans since 1994 with this ultimate South American meat fest.

The lime caipirinhas here are pretty good being not too sweet, sufficently sour and still full of that kick from the cachacha (a Brazilian alcohol distilled from sugar - somewhat similar to rum).

Freshly baked cheese dough balls were served as the starter. These are always welcomed and especially more so on such a gloomy, rainy day. Crisp on the outside with a nice cheesy doughy texture within, I like these so much that I usually sacrifice some meat-space by asking for another serve of this.

The side-dish of various salsas to go with your grilled meats. This actually helps you eat more meat and avoid that bloated feeling because of the vinegar which helps cut through that grease.

The concept here is pretty simple, the passadors (waiters with skewers of meats) just walk around and ask you if you want some. In which you politely reply, "Yes please and lots."

It's hard to find a favorite cut here but overall the red meats do outshine the others. The topside was very nicely grilled, the tenderloin was not too bad and I really enjoyed the rump despite its coarse texture. I always request for the exterior edges because I love that char-grilled taste and the only thing better than char-grilled meat is char-grilled fat!

The sausages deserve a special mention here because they're just so darn tasty and meaty. There is not flour filler in these weiners. Salty and spicy, the ultimate thing to go with your sweet and sour caipirinhas.

The beef rib deserves a special mention as well because this was the cut I was most disappointed with tonight. Not greasy, tender or salty enough. This looked as though it was boiled first and just put over the fire for a quick grill to be passed off as some charlatan of a grilled beef-rib.

I decided to sway away from the traditional lime caipirinhas for my last drink and ordered a strawberry one instead. Well, this wasn't too bad but I still prefer the contrast of the sour lime as opposed to just the straight-sweet strawberries. Maybe if they used some unripened strawberries, that could just add that sour twist.

I've tried quite a bit of churrascaria joints in town, I may be biased but so far I still think that Brazil Churrascaria is one of the best. I've not tried that one in the East yet but will make a trip over one day.


p.s: For the more health conscious, there is a salad bar with quite an extensive selection but despite coming here quite a few times, I've never actually ever taken anything from the salad bar! Salsa is technically a vegetable dish haha.


LiquidShaDow said...

Hey D,

I ate here a very long time ago so I don't remember much of it. How does this place stack with Mama Lucia?

Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to go there but I'm not a red meat eater.

Anything else ther that might interest someone like me?

zhengning said...

Heyya! The cheese doughs! I've never tried smth like that before! How does it taste like in the inside? As in, is there cheese inside that will flow out when biten? heh.

D said...

liquidshadow: I've actually gone to Mama Lucia recently but didn't bring me camera along so I didn't review them. Well... although Mama Lucia is alot closer to where I live I'll still put in that extra gas to patronize Brazil Churrascaria instead. The service can be a bit snooty here sometimes but the overall taste and quality of the meats compensate for that. Mama Lucia is pretty good in their own right but I just prefer BC's stuff that's all. It's probably subjective.

trish: There's chicken, fish, pork and quite an extensive salad bar. Caipirinhas are vegetarian too! =P

zhengning: Hmm, I should have taken a cross-section photograph. There's no melting cheese oozing out, the cheese is sort of incorporated into the dough/batter so it's chewy but cheesy and the exterior is crisp only because it's exposed directly to the heating element. I do believe it's the same ingredient throughout. Hope that makes some sense haha =D

Anonymous said...

Haha, yes, I won't be correcting you this time as Brazil Churrascaria IS the original as far as I know too.

Funny the stuff I like from there is quite different from your choices. Beefwise, I find they're not great for beef but the tenderloin is actually juicy and the rest are pure disappointment, too chewy and dry in my opinion. No recollection of the topside unfortunately.

Again unlike you, I usually say yes, but leeeeetle beeet only please (which prompts the waiters to do the same old tired joke of cutting me a tiny sliver and asking "enough?"). Save for the favourites which I'll be covering below in this essay.. ;)

The sausages were VERY good when I first went years ago but they've since changed the sausage recipe to this spicy one which while nice is a bit too salty-rich for me to have more than half or one (coming from someone who loves salty dishes). With the old recipe, we would go for seconds and thirds. The chicken with a single bone (no idea which part but it's pretty good too.

The dishes I always enjoy and order multiple servings of are the fish, ham (juicy excellent warm), pineapple and...CHICKEN HEARTS! I recall my disappointment when soon after the chicken flu scare, they did not have chicken hearts. My entire meal was ruined..ok close enough, I was definitely missing it the whole night.

Anyway, my record is about 30 at one sitting.

The capirinhas here are actually decent unlike a lot of places where it sucks. IIRC, I think they actually use cachaca to make it rather than everyone else who uses plain rum.

The East Coast one which is called Samba I believe, my family went without me late last year and they were disappointed. There's a churrascaria at Chijmes too which we haven't tried..yet.