Saturday, March 17, 2007

Kazu Again, Singapore

Some friends were in town, as it was a weekday and I didn't have much time to think over where to bring them to for dinner, I decided to just stick to the safe, trailed and tested Kazu.

We had the usual, started off with the angler fish liver in ponzu sauce.

And the whole array of grilled food on sticks, or so-called over-glorified (and over-priced?) satays as we so-called named them haha. Here's the asaparagus wrapped with pork belly.

Foie gras on a stick. The only thing that beats char-grilled foie gras on a stick is char-grilled foie gras in my mouth.

Chewy chicken skins with a crispy edge, salty and greasy. What more could one ask for?

Grilled mochi develops this amusingly bloated shape.

The shimeji counterpart of the asparagus pork belly wrap.

My personal favorite, the pork and apple is a must-have everytime I'm here.

Grilled beef tongue, chewy and beefy. This had a really nice meaty bite.

Wagyu on a stick. Wagyu on anything has to be good.

The squid was grilled to perfection, nicely glazed and caramelized on the exterior but still tender in the flesh.

We ordered these triangle rice sandwiches for fun and amusement because they resembled those rice cakes you see on Japanese cartoons. They come in spicy shrimp, salmon and pickled plum if I'm not mistaken.

Finally Kazu has somewhat of a decent dessert. The snowdrop is basically ice-cream encased in mochi. What a sweet way to end off a meal.

Here's one for the statistics. About 64 sticks in total this time; almost a record breaker. Maybe next time...



Anonymous said...

YAY for Japanese food !!

Sammy said...

Sheesh dude... 64! How many people you have there?

D said...

It was a party of five so actually 64 sticks weren't really alot but we drank as much as we ate as well. The current record of almost 80s ticks was set by only three diners =D