Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Venezia, Fifth Ave, Singapore

We were intending to head to the Tea Party but didn't realise that they are closed on Tuesdays. As a backup plan, I remembered this Italian gelato place at Guthrie House (just round the corner) where I bought a few tubs of ice-cream quite a few years ago.

I've never actually dined in at this place and the hard steel chairs were definitely quite different from the soft suede sofas at the Tea Party but since we were up for some form of dessert, in we went.

As with most gelato joints, they have quite a wide selection of flavors ranging from the simple chocolate and vanilla to the more exotic (local?) ones such as durian.

We weren't exactly feeling adventurous tonight so we went for the "safe" flavors of chocolate, rum and raisin and durian. The durian looked "yellow" at the counter but it appeared as white as paper when it was served. The color was so dubious that it prompted my dining companion to ask the waitress, "Are you sure this is durian?" Well, first taste proved that it was durian, but it's a light sort of durian-taste, not too bad a dessert to initiate first-time durian eaters to I reckon. The chocolate was decent and so was the rum and raisin. The waffle was not bad but I still prefer the batter used at Gelare's.



kahsean said...

haha im so sick of icecream! i c it @ work too often! LOL

oh btw..my blog url has changed.

zhengning said...

Venezia! Wah, come to think of it, i haven visit that icecream shop for months! :(
Missed the Green Tea with Red Bean anf the Tartufo!

Anw, how much is the waffle and icecream scoop? i did not take note of the price when i last visited it :x

D said...

Kahsean: Ok now I know how NOT to hire when I start my ice-cream empire haha. Blog url change noted.

Zhengning: Months? Maybe another visit is in order =P. The waffle with three scoops of ice-cream cost about 9SGD.

Anonymous said...


Ahaha. another ice cream waffle place. (:
I love gelare best though! Now they even have banana waffle and waffles baked with choco chips! Hmm.. heaven~~~

Can't resist waffles!

D said...

Heya BBG!

Yup, I still prefer Gelare's waffles too. My favorite flavor is choc-chip cookie dough... ooh.. they have different waffle flavors now? I have to make a date with Gelare's soon...

Mikey said...

You have to try amano ice cream when you come to perth, made fresh daily and not airated or full of ice crystals, its literally ice cream that you can chew.

D said...

mikey: sounds like something I would enjoy. Amano; noted.