Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Adam Rd Food Centre, Adam Rd, Singapore

Adam Rd Food Centre is a good place to get your fix of Indian and Malay foods during an early supper period. As a friend was craving some Malay fried noodles (mee goreng) we decided to pay this place a visit. I would classify Adam Rd as one of the few remaining old-school hawker centres (like Chomp Chomp) because despite undergoing some renovations previously, it still maintained it's hardcore hawker charm.

We started off the meal with a steaming hot bowl of savory mutton soup. Like its Chinese mutton soup counterpart, the option to add in more exotic items such as "brains" was there but I stuck to the chunks of pure meat. This variant of mutton soup has a very dominant savory taste without excessive herbal overtones. A great way to start a supper.

Another appetizer - Roti John. Legend has it that this dish was the Indian variant of French toast and is actually somewhat an example of pioneering fusion cooking which took place when Singapore was still a colony. I'm no expert on history but I do know this one tasted pretty damn good because not only was there a generous serve of onions and egg in it, but they also included minced mutton.

This serve of mutton chop was actually a mistake because we had intended to order mutton steak instead. But like a blessing in disguise, this was actually one of the top dishes we had. The chunks of muttons were generous and the crinkled cut fries absorbed enough ghee (clarified butter) to make it fantastically fragrant and mouth-wateringly tasty.

Here came the dish we were waiting for - the mee goreng. Unfortunately, it was sort of an anti-climax because we had built up such an anticipation for this and were quite disappointed with the average nature of it. It wasn't bad, just that we had a lot better before. The noodle this time round seemed rather damp and soft and there just wasn't enough smokey, greasy flavor in it. The sunny-side-up egg was done pretty well though.

We decided to try out a store that we didn't notice before. A Chinese-Western store on the other side of the food centre. Their spring chicken was quite tasty and the batter on it was seasoned just right without being too salty. I do appreciate their deep-frying of the bread bun to warm it up. I think anyone who uses deep-frying as a means of warming up any type of food deserves to be commended haha! I would have preferred if they used chunky steak fries instead of shoestring but I guess crinkled is about as chunky as you can get in most stores here.

I do apologize that except for the Chinese-Western and mutton soup store, I did not take note of where I ordered the other stuff from.



Anonymous said...

Roti John surely does make my mouth water!

- GB

Anonymous said...

hello, thanks for dropping by! the oreo cheesecake was good too, only that i had trouble cutting through the cookies on top. :) that alternative cheesecake really looks good, although i'm no fan of tomatoes. haha. and i loveeeeee that choc thingy you made; the one at the bottom of the page. :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome food sampling blog!

Hmmm something about the fusion 'chinese-western' idea seem to make me cringe...I know you wanted me to try some but...I'm not into all this 'multi-cultural' BS : )

Btw that was a lot of lamb!

D said...

Hey Shoki, I'll bring you down to this joint when you're next in Singapore. Did I bring you here the last time? I can't remember haha.