Friday, September 01, 2006

Lucky Duck......Not

I love duck so much that I almost enjoy cooking it as much as eating it. Duck is a waterbird and has very high fat content. This is good because it allows the chef to have a wider buffer when cooking it. The amount of fat in a duck allows it to withstand being roasted in an oven at higher temperatures and for slightly longer periods without going dry.

As you can see, I like to put my Daffy on a rack because if there's one thing nicer than roast duck, it's duck fat. I normally use the fat to coat baby potatoes before roasting them for a nice crispy finish.

I cook my duck in a slightly more Western style because I don't have the time to let it "hang-dry" like the Chinese roast ducks. Go out, buy your Donald or Daffy and enjoy some good old home roasted crispy duck.

1. Duck - go for a nice plump one, ducks can lose up to 50% of their weight after cooking due to fat and water loss!
2. Pepper and salt (I normally use a flavored salt such as garlic-salt but normal salt will suffice).
3. Herbs and spices: 1-2 bayleaves, a clove of garlic, a star anise, a stick of young ginger

1. Stuff your herbs and spices into the cavity of the duck
2. Rub the external surface with the salt and pepper
3. Put it on a rack and into your oven for about 1hr 20mins (for about a size 18 bird) at 160degC (fanforced) or 180degC (non-fanforced).
4. Serve hot



Anonymous said...

The duck's looking good - any suggestions what sides might go with this? Care to share your potato fried in duck fat recipe?

Hey, are you a chef???

D said...

Any sides are good with the duck. I normally just mix a near naked salad with some balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. You can have it with rice, breads or those roasted baby potatoes

The roasted baby potatoes are really easy. You get some baby potatoes (washed and dried - I like to keep the skin on), coat them with your duck fat, rub on some herbs (I normally use some rosemary and basil), sprinkle some salt (sea-salt is my choice) and pepper then blast them in the oven (uncovered) until they're crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.

No, I'm not a professional chef. I'm just an ordinary bloke who enjoys cooking and eating that's all. Washing up is a different story though...

Anonymous said...

hi just bloghopping. awesome blog u hv here!

D said...

Evan - Thanks. I checked out your blog too, very well done. Love your pictures and recipes!