Sunday, September 03, 2006

McDonald's Sundae, Turf Club City, Singapore

There are only a few things worth eating at Maccas, the nuggets and ice-creams are pretty much it.

I think the air-conditioner wasn't working or something because it was really warm that night in Turf Club City and I had to cool myself down abit. What better way than to do so with a McDonald's hot fudge sundae?

I have to admit though, this has got to be the ugliest mother of a Maccas sundae I've ever had. I mean just look at it, it's grotesque, the little pointy tip at the top is limp and there was this little vent-hole at the side where bubbles of trapped air were escaping from. Yes, my sundae had erectile dysfunction and a flatulence issue (I will refrain from any fudge-packing jokes).

I swear I didn't wait for my sundae to melt abit to make something out of nothing, it was really served this way. But the lady who served me the sundae was so cheerful and pleased about it, I could not possibly get peeved. Anyway, it doesn't really affect the taste and I like to stir it all up to form some sludge before eating it. A pity they don't do the super sundaes in Singapore where there's both hot fudge at the bottom and on the top.



Anonymous said...

this is so rare i've got to save it somewhere. a review of a mac sundae!

anyway just to fill the space when i was young i tried to buy a mac sundae, and when the saleslady told me it was out i asked for a monday.

(being very very young then, of course)


Sammy said...

Wahaha that's really one messed up sundae man. Btw, do you used to live in Perth? My family is over there and you should try out this restaurant at Northbridge called Hohg's breath cafe!